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Now that you've read the book you are looking for the practical application of our coaching program.  In order to get the most from the 10x Better principles here is the main framework of our 3 coaching programs....

"If you do not conquer yourself, you will be conquered By Self"

Coaching program

H.E.R.O. MODEL Explained





Self Efficacy

Serving / Purpose

Agent 1 – Assessmentis the basic level that we all stand and ponder into the distance of our journey.  A new direction requires a new assessment to ensure our journey is upon the correct path.  “You can arrive at your destination just because you are in the right lane.”  After the series of questions to create a picture of where you are now, we move to pre-action.

Agent 2- Knowledge.  Now that we know where you are currently (emotionally, geographically, potentially, spiritually) we can build character via exploring your capabilities, abilities and potential by walking a path of challenges and trials.  “In order to grow we must stretch our maximums.” 

Agent 3- Development.  When we have the knowledge of where we want to go we can better develop our goals, outcomes and aspirations.  In order to travel we need a M.A.P. (massive action plan) and a destination/goal.  Therefore, we must learn how to grow our connections so that we can create the network that will generate the framework for our MAP, giving us the best route to our destination/Ultimate Vision not the quickest yet, the most efficient.

Agent 4- The Will.  To grow into our best self we must understand what motivates our ability to act and impact. We must learn how to impose our Will on our emotions. In order to create unstoppable momentum we have to commit to self-discipline and learning how to organize our life in a pattern of certainty toward one goal; freedom.  Commit to impose your Will or it will control you.

Agent 5- Self Efficacy.  From the start we have a duty to be aware that forces will come at our every thought, decision and behavior.  How we respond is the key to power and influence.  One’s that have the emotional control over themselves and their relationships will have the most influence over their freedom.  To execute your success plan you must manage your drive, secure high emotional fitness & stay in your flow.

 Agent 6- Actualization/Serve “Be the change that you seek.”  At this human performance level one is in the space of achieving their life’s potential, not perfection.  We all have a creative genius talent yet, we don’t all unlock the code in our DNA to unleash this astounding quality within.  To hit true actualization you have grown toward your generational potential, enabling the vision of others to shine and produce opportunities of innovation from imagination, living in this world to contribute well beyond oneself.  Content to serve others with purity and sincerity.  Now, you are 10x Better!

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You must first identify three top or main drivers in your life.  When you solidify those top three, then you define what those mean.  These must be equal to breathing to you.  The core of your principals that will be the fuel to your success.  When people speak of having to define your WHY, this is what they are talking about.  When you know your foundation, now you can be unshakable and unstoppable enroute to your dreams.  Now you must create your "Principals of the Process" or the action items that are your core tasks to keep you on track daily while you are focused on your goals.  You must expect to succeed.  Be the champion of your emotions and you will be successful.